Eyes on Apes | Videos


The following videos provide in-depth information about the plight of great apes. Forwarding these links to people you know is an excellent way to educate them about the issues facing captive and free-living apes.

Captive Issues - Biomedical:

  • ABC's Nightline shows undercover video taken by the Humane Society of the United States that shows horrific animal abuse in a biomedical laboratory.
  • Physician's Committee of Responsible Medicine presentation on how chimpanzees that were used in experiments suffer from mood disorders and anxiety.

Captive Issues - Entertainment:

  • In an Emmy-winning film produced through the Detroit Zoo, "From Showboat to Lifeboat" illustrates the many ways animals in entertainment are exploited and suggests a different course for the future.
  • Cruel Camera, a CBC Fifth Estate documentary that originally aired on January 16th, 2008, presents a comprehensive account of the cruel treatment that chimpanzees and other animals are forced to endure in the name of human entertainment.
  • In her PETA video, Anjelica Huston urges people in the entertainment industry to prevent a lifetime of suffering by leaving apes out of TV, movies, and advertising.

Free-living Issues: