Eyes on Apes | Tips for Action Letters

Tips for Action Letters

  • It is important when writing action letters to understand that in most cases, you are educating companies, producers, or legistators about an issue that are unfamiliar with.
  • You should be direct and stay polite. The most effective letters are the ones that are not demeaning, but rather strictly educational.
  • Remember to be sure to ask for a response to your letter.
  • In every Action Alert, Eyes on Apes will provide a sample letter. However, making it personal and unique can go a long way. Try to cover the same points as the sample, but make it your own. You can elaborate on some points that you feel most passionate about.
  • Be sure to check out the Learn More pages for more information on each topic. These are good starting points for finding out more about all the issues that great apes face. Also take some time to look over all the useful links -- there's a lot to learn!