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The Cle Elum Seven: Foxie's story

Foxie was born on August 8, 1976 at Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research in Texas (which became Texas Biomedical Research Institute and still houses chimpanzees for research). Buckshire purchased Foxie in 1983 and then leased her to Michale E. Keeling Center, another biomedical lab also in Texas. She was there for two years before being shipped back to Buckshire in October 1985. We don't have any records of her early years, just that she was used in hepatitis A vaccine trials. In November 1985, she was shipped down south again to White Sands Research Center in New Mexico. Foxie was known as "#CA0130" at Buckshire and WSRC. At SFBR her tattoo was "#4X051."

In two years, Foxie moved from one lab to another, back to Buckshire, and then to yet another lab. At WSRC she was used as a breeder. On November 8, 1986 she gave birth to twins, "#CA0156" -- David and "#CA0157" -- Steve. Steve is deceased, but David is currently living at Alamogordo Primate Facility (APF) in New Mexico (he is one of the 300+ NIH chimpanzees who is eligible for retirement).

On December 21, 1987, Foxie gave birth to "CA0178" -- Angie (who now, thankfully, lives at Save the Chimps in Florida). Foxie also gave birth to "CA0190" -- Kelsey on February 1, 1989. Like David, Kelsey also lives at APF. All of Foxie's babies were taken away from her within days of their births. She was continually used as a breeder through the early 90s, but had no other births after Kelsey. She left Coulston on August 13, 1996 and remained at Buckshire for the next 12 years.

Foxie is known at CSNW for her love of troll dolls (and also Dora the Explorer dolls). Though it can seem endearing how she loves and hugs her dolls, it's also a sad reminder that Foxie was never able to keep a baby of her own. She would get knocked down, and wake up with her babies stolen from her. After being traumatized in the lab, Foxie not surprisingly has likely suffered some psychological distress. She doesn't really nest with blankets like the other chimpanzees do, and she doesn't care about a lot of other enrichment unless they are her dolls that she adores.

Foxie is extremely forgiving. For all that humans have done to her--shipped her around, injected her with vaccine tests, and stolen her babies--she's surprisingly very energetic and interactive with the humans. She can make anyone smile with her playful spins and pirouettes. She probably would have made an excellent mother if she'd been given the chance, but at least in sanctuary she is able to take her dolls with her outside, forage for fruit which she loves, and do somersaults and acrobatics that she never had the space to do in the labs she was caged in.

Foxie before and after